Saturday, October 29, 2016

Male Nipple Piercing - Update 1...

It has been about a week since getting my nipple pierced, so I thought it time to jot down an update on some of the things that might be interesting for someone that is also going through the same experience:

Healing: It continues to heal well, I think. For the first three days, there was consistently blood oozing out, which is completely normal. Nothing that I would consider even major, but it was there.  It easily came off during the cleanings (more on that further down).  I have noticed that the nipple has enlarged slightly (I was told to expect this).  Again, not concerned, but it is ever so slightly more pronounced under a shirt.

Pain: If you read my previous post, I am likely not the best to judge or to take pain recommendations from.  My pain level, on a scale from 1 to 10 was a 3. The pain the next day after the piercing was a strong 1 (maybe). The pain ever since has been 0. The only time that it hurt at all since the piercing was when it was caught on a blanket (that was actually the only time that there had been any significant bleeding. And duh – of course stupid!).  I find that a seatbelt hits it sometimes, and that can be uncomfortable for a minute.  But overall, not really much in the way of pain…

After-care: For the first three days, I was hyper vigilant about cleaning it as much as it was recommended – 2 complete 5 minute soakings and 3 additional cleanings per day.  I do the shot glass with sea salt water, and clean around the piercing with a Q-Tip as part of the cleaning and to remove crustys / scabbing / dried blood.  As I work from home, that was actually not impossible to do. But it also had me wondering if I was doing too much.  I cut it down to 1 or 2 cleanings a day, and a soak every night.  Seems to be going well so far.  I am also wearing a band aid every night as to not get caught on blankets and such.  I didn’t the first night, and learned my lesson.  I put on the band aid immediately following my soaking.

Impressions / Reactions: I still love it.  I generally wear a tighter shirt, and it is barely noticeable (which is good). You can probably make it out if you knew what you were looking for. But otherwise, it looks like a semi-erect nipple.  Wife was not ecstatic about it, but has come to appreciate it as it heals.  She is dying to touch it. A very close friend was also amazed that I finally went through with it. So far, only wife and piercer have seen it in person, and that is likely all that will for the foreseeable future.

I will post another update in a few weeks or so, if there is anything interesting to report.

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