Sunday, November 6, 2016

Male Nipple Piercing - Update 2...

It has been a little more than two weeks since getting my nipple pierced. I few things to share since the last update, so here ya go:

Healing: All seems to be well. No more blood (at all). Actually very little in the way of crusties or anything else. No pain at all, unless you include the band-aid (more on that below).  

After-care: Two things on this front – on the recommendation of a well pierced friend, I tried a Bactine cleaning regiment, in addition to the saline soaks and cleanings. HUGE difference. It really seems to help, especially before heading to bed. Second, as you see from the picture below, I suffered a band-aid injury. I should have known better – there is only so long that you can wear a band-aid, and I wore mine too often. I was putting them on at night while initially healing to protect while I slept. On the latest, the band-aid actually ripped some skin (nevermind the fact that I have a slightly hairy chest, and that hurts like hell taking off). So I am done with the band-aids – slept without one last night with no issues.  

Travel: Two things in this regard – First, one of the questions that I read quite a bit about (and was a concern to me) was whether or not the piercings would set off the stupid metal detectors at the airport. The TSA actually has a warning about piercings on their website (you can find it here). I have TSA-Precheck, so I don’t usually go through the whole millimeter wave body scanner, but just the simple metal detector. I went through just fine – no beeps. But I have heard from several folks that they do show up on the millimeter wave scanner (which wouldn’t surprise me). So be prepared, or save yourself some major hassle all the way around and get your TSA Precheck. Second, and almost as equally expected – I carry a messenger style bag with all of my computer crap and such. The strap hits the piercing perfectly (of course). I found myself readjusting it fairly often. Again, not the end of the world, but I was extremely aware of it.

Impressions / Reactions: Last week was my first (of MANY to come) week of business travel since my piercing. While I find myself aware of my piercing, I don’t think anyone in my office visit noticed. Cleaning was more difficult while away from the routine of home, but nothing major. Again, still love it. I actually love it more and more all the time.  

More if there is anything interesting to report…

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