Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nipple Piercing Update – 6 months and counting…

A couple of weeks ago was my six month anniversary of my nipple piercing (April 21st, for those that are keeping track for some weird, stalker-ish reason). And I thought I would give another update – there maybe one more at one year, but we shall see.

After-care: As you can read pretty much anywhere, a nipple piercing never seems to be completely healed.  There are times (like right now) where it is completely and totally without issue.  There are times when it isn’t – nothing serious, but the crusties come back and you try to figure out what the hell it is that you did to yourself to make it screwy. I soak it once a week (at least) and generally try to keep it clean. I also caught it on a shirt once – it was bad enough to bleed a little.  But in a couple of days, everything was all better.

Hot tubs: I am a proud owner of a tub, and the best that I can say is that regardless of how clean the water is, whenever you submerge your piercing in the water, it is always best to clean it out after you are done.  Again, no big deal – a soak (while rinsing off the tub chlorine) and a few sprays of Bactine and its all good.  I also went swimming in the Caribbean a few weeks ago – same drill.

Jewelry: In February (a little before the 4 month mark), I changed my stainless steel barbell for a titanium one.  Pretty much the same everything, except the material.  I probably should have waited a bit longer, but honestly, once I did the change, I have never had anything more than some very minor crusties ever since.  I knew that I was allergic to surgical steel – even before I got the piercing I had this concern, and while I don’t know how or if that was any kind of contribution to the overall healing process, it sure seemed to make a difference to me.  Maybe it is all in my head.

Travel: Really no issues at all.  As I mentioned previously, I do notice it when I am carrying a messenger bag, but apart from being more aware when carrying the bag, no issues. Same with a seat belt after an extended trip. No TSA strip searches (yet), and I have been through the full body scanner several times since.  Either they are good with it, or the TSA Precheck thing buys a little leeway.
Impression / Reactions: At first, with all the travel and such, I was self-conscious about it. But I am wayyyy past that now.  My first notice came from a blackjack dealer in Vegas – a beautiful, well-endowed and tattooed young lady. She also had multiple piercings, and claimed to have both nipples pierced as well (not confirmed, but what happens in Vegas…). A good friend called me out about it – I wasn’t hiding it from her, but had not explicitly told her either.  She asked about it, and shared that she also had both done (not surprised, but not something I had noticed before either).  It does show through shirts from time to time, but I never even think about it. I still love it – A LOT. Especially since it has now pretty much settled down. 

I will likely share again at the one year mark, unless something weird happens between now and then.

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