Saturday, October 21, 2017

Nipple Piercing Update – One Year and Counting…

Today is the one year anniversary of my nipple piercing.  SOOOOOO much has happen since that fateful day a year ago, but so little of it has had to do with my piercing. Yet, I did want to post one last update (mainly because I have friends that are curious, believe it or not). So here ya go!

After-care: Over the last year, I have not really limited anything that I wouldn’t usually do because of a piercing. This includes swimming in the ocean, regular trips to my hot tub, camping and tons of travel. As long as I have kept it clean, there are absolutely no issues.  The couple of flare ups that I have had are all a result of NOT keeping it clean, and those flare ups are extremely minor. Salt water soaks and the occasional Bactine spray (after swimming) seems to do the trick.

Jewelry: After switching out the everyday barbell for a titanium one (instead of a stainless steel one), I never had a problem again. I keep the jewelry (and piercing) clean, and still get the (very) occasional crusties. From everything I have read, this is completely normal and expected.  I also have tried some “novelty” jewelry – on a temporary basis. Except for the nipple cap showing under pretty much any shirt (which I guess is kinda the purpose), no issues at all.

I have also come to understand that titanium is pretty much the recommended jewelry for a nipple piercing from several other people in the know.  It is common to go with stainless to start. But most who keep their piercing for the long haul generally move to a titanium CBR or barbell for everyday wear.  Again- trust your piercer. But also ask them what THEY are wearing (they will generally sport a piercing or two).

Travel: I am still travelling a ton. But never once has it been an issue with my good friends at the TSA.  Maybe they don’t see it. Maybe they don’t want to see it!  Whatever the case, metal detectors and radio wave scanners seem to ignore it, or the TSA is ignoring it.  Which is fine with me.  Seat belts and shoulder straps are still an issue occasionally, but again – just like anything – you get used to it.

Impressions / Reactions: For the first several months, I was pretty aware. There was the Vegas dealer who noticed, and it showed up on a couple of pictures. Now, it doesn’t even occur to me.  Like ever. Except one other time: again, in Vegas (I am there A LOT), sitting late night at a table and entire bachelorette party came and sat down with me.  They all played along with me for a while, and I chatted with them, etc.  As I was getting up to leave, they asked to take a picture with the group. Sure – why not. As I handed the camera back to the bride-to-be, she whispered “Nice piercing” and left with her posse.  Again - what happens in Vegas, I guess. Apart from that, either people don’t notice it, or people don’t want to comment on it.  Either way – fine with me.  I didn’t get it for them anyway!

The nipple piercing is pretty much a part of me.  I can’t say that I will keep it forever. But I also can’t really see getting rid of it any time soon.  It certainly shocks the hell out of several of my friends when they found out, and that is just fine with me! But mainly, I look at it as another form of expression, one that is a personal thing that I can choose to share or keep private. 

This will likely be my last update on this, but always welcome to answer any questions about it.

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