Saturday, October 21, 2017

Nipple Piercing Update – One Year and Counting…

Today is the one year anniversary of my nipple piercing.  SOOOOOO much has happen since that fateful day a year ago, but so little of it has had to do with my piercing. Yet, I did want to post one last update (mainly because I have friends that are curious, believe it or not). So here ya go!

After-care: Over the last year, I have not really limited anything that I wouldn’t usually do because of a piercing. This includes swimming in the ocean, regular trips to my hot tub, camping and tons of travel. As long as I have kept it clean, there are absolutely no issues.  The couple of flare ups that I have had are all a result of NOT keeping it clean, and those flare ups are extremely minor. Salt water soaks and the occasional Bactine spray (after swimming) seems to do the trick.

Jewelry: After switching out the everyday barbell for a titanium one (instead of a stainless steel one), I never had a problem again. I keep the jewelry (and piercing) clean, and still get the (very) occasional crusties. From everything I have read, this is completely normal and expected.  I also have tried some “novelty” jewelry – on a temporary basis. Except for the nipple cap showing under pretty much any shirt (which I guess is kinda the purpose), no issues at all.

I have also come to understand that titanium is pretty much the recommended jewelry for a nipple piercing from several other people in the know.  It is common to go with stainless to start. But most who keep their piercing for the long haul generally move to a titanium CBR or barbell for everyday wear.  Again- trust your piercer. But also ask them what THEY are wearing (they will generally sport a piercing or two).

Travel: I am still travelling a ton. But never once has it been an issue with my good friends at the TSA.  Maybe they don’t see it. Maybe they don’t want to see it!  Whatever the case, metal detectors and radio wave scanners seem to ignore it, or the TSA is ignoring it.  Which is fine with me.  Seat belts and shoulder straps are still an issue occasionally, but again – just like anything – you get used to it.

Impressions / Reactions: For the first several months, I was pretty aware. There was the Vegas dealer who noticed, and it showed up on a couple of pictures. Now, it doesn’t even occur to me.  Like ever. Except one other time: again, in Vegas (I am there A LOT), sitting late night at a table and entire bachelorette party came and sat down with me.  They all played along with me for a while, and I chatted with them, etc.  As I was getting up to leave, they asked to take a picture with the group. Sure – why not. As I handed the camera back to the bride-to-be, she whispered “Nice piercing” and left with her posse.  Again - what happens in Vegas, I guess. Apart from that, either people don’t notice it, or people don’t want to comment on it.  Either way – fine with me.  I didn’t get it for them anyway!

The nipple piercing is pretty much a part of me.  I can’t say that I will keep it forever. But I also can’t really see getting rid of it any time soon.  It certainly shocks the hell out of several of my friends when they found out, and that is just fine with me! But mainly, I look at it as another form of expression, one that is a personal thing that I can choose to share or keep private. 

This will likely be my last update on this, but always welcome to answer any questions about it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jennifer Aniston - Nipples of Steel...

And speaking of nipples, when one is speaking of such things, Jennifer Aniston should always be part of the conversation.  Her nipples are generally so prominent, that they could cut glass! No nipple piercing here - you could see it from outer space if it were pierced. 

Sure, you can use all the regular excuses - it is cold out, she is not wearing a bra that day, whatever.  But more times than not, Jen's girls are at full attention and saluting!

Here are a few examples of some of my favorite Jen Aniston pictures:

Loud and proud! And before you get all indignant about these pictures, you gotta know that *SHE* knows.  How could you look in a mirror and NOT know...

And we love her for it...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nipple Piercing Update – 6 months and counting…

A couple of weeks ago was my six month anniversary of my nipple piercing (April 21st, for those that are keeping track for some weird, stalker-ish reason). And I thought I would give another update – there maybe one more at one year, but we shall see.

After-care: As you can read pretty much anywhere, a nipple piercing never seems to be completely healed.  There are times (like right now) where it is completely and totally without issue.  There are times when it isn’t – nothing serious, but the crusties come back and you try to figure out what the hell it is that you did to yourself to make it screwy. I soak it once a week (at least) and generally try to keep it clean. I also caught it on a shirt once – it was bad enough to bleed a little.  But in a couple of days, everything was all better.

Hot tubs: I am a proud owner of a tub, and the best that I can say is that regardless of how clean the water is, whenever you submerge your piercing in the water, it is always best to clean it out after you are done.  Again, no big deal – a soak (while rinsing off the tub chlorine) and a few sprays of Bactine and its all good.  I also went swimming in the Caribbean a few weeks ago – same drill.

Jewelry: In February (a little before the 4 month mark), I changed my stainless steel barbell for a titanium one.  Pretty much the same everything, except the material.  I probably should have waited a bit longer, but honestly, once I did the change, I have never had anything more than some very minor crusties ever since.  I knew that I was allergic to surgical steel – even before I got the piercing I had this concern, and while I don’t know how or if that was any kind of contribution to the overall healing process, it sure seemed to make a difference to me.  Maybe it is all in my head.

Travel: Really no issues at all.  As I mentioned previously, I do notice it when I am carrying a messenger bag, but apart from being more aware when carrying the bag, no issues. Same with a seat belt after an extended trip. No TSA strip searches (yet), and I have been through the full body scanner several times since.  Either they are good with it, or the TSA Precheck thing buys a little leeway.
Impression / Reactions: At first, with all the travel and such, I was self-conscious about it. But I am wayyyy past that now.  My first notice came from a blackjack dealer in Vegas – a beautiful, well-endowed and tattooed young lady. She also had multiple piercings, and claimed to have both nipples pierced as well (not confirmed, but what happens in Vegas…). A good friend called me out about it – I wasn’t hiding it from her, but had not explicitly told her either.  She asked about it, and shared that she also had both done (not surprised, but not something I had noticed before either).  It does show through shirts from time to time, but I never even think about it. I still love it – A LOT. Especially since it has now pretty much settled down. 

I will likely share again at the one year mark, unless something weird happens between now and then.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Christie Brinkley - Smokin Hot!

What more can you say - she must have made a pact with Satan or something to still look like this after 63 years.  Christie was one of my pin-up girls hanging in my locker in MIDDLE SCHOOL. And not to date myself too much, but that was pushing three decades ago!

Enjoy these!

And my all time favorite of her (this was the afore mentioned locker pin-up):

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kaley Cuoco - The Big Bang Theory Dominatrix...

Sure, it was only a few seconds of one scene of an entire 30 minute episode, but we got to see Penny (Kaley Cuoco) hotter than hot dominatrix:

Here is also a behind the scenes shot of Penny and Leonard:

She works pretty hard on that smoking bod of hers. I think it is great we get to see it every once in a while on TBBT. And it is not the first time that she has come out of her shell for TBBT:



Male Nipple Piercing - Update 2...

It has been a little more than two weeks since getting my nipple pierced. I few things to share since the last update, so here ya go:

Healing: All seems to be well. No more blood (at all). Actually very little in the way of crusties or anything else. No pain at all, unless you include the band-aid (more on that below).  

After-care: Two things on this front – on the recommendation of a well pierced friend, I tried a Bactine cleaning regiment, in addition to the saline soaks and cleanings. HUGE difference. It really seems to help, especially before heading to bed. Second, as you see from the picture below, I suffered a band-aid injury. I should have known better – there is only so long that you can wear a band-aid, and I wore mine too often. I was putting them on at night while initially healing to protect while I slept. On the latest, the band-aid actually ripped some skin (nevermind the fact that I have a slightly hairy chest, and that hurts like hell taking off). So I am done with the band-aids – slept without one last night with no issues.  

Travel: Two things in this regard – First, one of the questions that I read quite a bit about (and was a concern to me) was whether or not the piercings would set off the stupid metal detectors at the airport. The TSA actually has a warning about piercings on their website (you can find it here). I have TSA-Precheck, so I don’t usually go through the whole millimeter wave body scanner, but just the simple metal detector. I went through just fine – no beeps. But I have heard from several folks that they do show up on the millimeter wave scanner (which wouldn’t surprise me). So be prepared, or save yourself some major hassle all the way around and get your TSA Precheck. Second, and almost as equally expected – I carry a messenger style bag with all of my computer crap and such. The strap hits the piercing perfectly (of course). I found myself readjusting it fairly often. Again, not the end of the world, but I was extremely aware of it.

Impressions / Reactions: Last week was my first (of MANY to come) week of business travel since my piercing. While I find myself aware of my piercing, I don’t think anyone in my office visit noticed. Cleaning was more difficult while away from the routine of home, but nothing major. Again, still love it. I actually love it more and more all the time.  

More if there is anything interesting to report…

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Male Nipple Piercing - Update 1...

It has been about a week since getting my nipple pierced, so I thought it time to jot down an update on some of the things that might be interesting for someone that is also going through the same experience:

Healing: It continues to heal well, I think. For the first three days, there was consistently blood oozing out, which is completely normal. Nothing that I would consider even major, but it was there.  It easily came off during the cleanings (more on that further down).  I have noticed that the nipple has enlarged slightly (I was told to expect this).  Again, not concerned, but it is ever so slightly more pronounced under a shirt.

Pain: If you read my previous post, I am likely not the best to judge or to take pain recommendations from.  My pain level, on a scale from 1 to 10 was a 3. The pain the next day after the piercing was a strong 1 (maybe). The pain ever since has been 0. The only time that it hurt at all since the piercing was when it was caught on a blanket (that was actually the only time that there had been any significant bleeding. And duh – of course stupid!).  I find that a seatbelt hits it sometimes, and that can be uncomfortable for a minute.  But overall, not really much in the way of pain…

After-care: For the first three days, I was hyper vigilant about cleaning it as much as it was recommended – 2 complete 5 minute soakings and 3 additional cleanings per day.  I do the shot glass with sea salt water, and clean around the piercing with a Q-Tip as part of the cleaning and to remove crustys / scabbing / dried blood.  As I work from home, that was actually not impossible to do. But it also had me wondering if I was doing too much.  I cut it down to 1 or 2 cleanings a day, and a soak every night.  Seems to be going well so far.  I am also wearing a band aid every night as to not get caught on blankets and such.  I didn’t the first night, and learned my lesson.  I put on the band aid immediately following my soaking.

Impressions / Reactions: I still love it.  I generally wear a tighter shirt, and it is barely noticeable (which is good). You can probably make it out if you knew what you were looking for. But otherwise, it looks like a semi-erect nipple.  Wife was not ecstatic about it, but has come to appreciate it as it heals.  She is dying to touch it. A very close friend was also amazed that I finally went through with it. So far, only wife and piercer have seen it in person, and that is likely all that will for the foreseeable future.

I will post another update in a few weeks or so, if there is anything interesting to report.