Thursday, October 9, 2014


Those that bet against me nearly always lose. And rarely do I bet for money - it is almost always something more "enjoyable" for me, and embarrassing for the loser.

I have a standing bet with a female Chicago Bears fan on Green Bay Packers games. If (when) the Bears lose to the Packers, she has to change her Facebook profile picture for 24 hours to something expressing her Packers love.  She also has to paint her toes Packers Green and Gold and keep them this way until the next Packers - Bears game in 5 weeks.  

Needless to say - she is *NOT* happy.

And all I have to say - at least in this case - is:


BTW - This person is one of the best sports that I know of.  And such a cool person.  It is a privilege to know her, and a blast to bet with her.  I will lose (eventually), and I just hope I am as much of a good sport as she is. 

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