Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What's Up With Renee?

I am not the worlds greatest Renee Zellweger fan (though any woman that wears the bunny outfit can't be all that bad).

There has always been a lot of fuss about her yoyo weight - personally, I think she looks better with the curves than without. So you can imagine my surprise when I find out that this woman:

Post massive plastic surgery, is the same person as this woman:


I like the *OLD* Renee WAY better than the plastic Renee (not that the old Renee wasn't plastic as well).  She doesn't even look like the same person - not even close.  Maybe the real Renee went into protective custody to prohibit her from making another stupid Bridget Jones movie.  That is something I could understand.  Joking aside - she has ruined herself for making *ANY* sequel type movies.  

And maybe that is not a bad thing either...

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