Saturday, February 21, 2015


Talking about trying to catch up!

As you may have read previously, I have a standing bet with a very dedicated female friend who is a huge Chicago Bears fan.  But she is not the only one that I have a bet with.

Another very good friend and I have a bet when the Packers and the Dallas Cowboys play. As they are not in the same division, this is a rarity.  But it did happen this year, in the NFC Divisional Game at Lambeau Field on January 11th. 

The Mighty Green Bay Packers were VICTORIOUS! The final score was 26-21!

As a consequence, in addition to her toes getting painted in Green and Gold, she was required to send me a selfie wearing a bright green metallic skirt and a Packers jersey.

(I have cropped it to protect her identity, as that was never part of the bargain.)

Oh - sweet victory!

Again, another great sport, and here it to hoping that I do not lose any time soon, as their vengeance will be severe!

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